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Tell us a little about your educational background.Well, I have a degree in Drama from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, with a minor in Clinical Psychology.Michele Santopietro (whose last name means "Saint Peter" in Italian) played the character of Jo-Jo Palmice, the wife of Mikey Palmice (Al Sapienza) in the first season of The Sopranos (episodes; "I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano" and "Nobody Knows Anything".She also returned in the season four episode "Pie-o-My", where she was bringing the grieving Bobby Bacala (Steve Schirripa) , a delicious casserole for his family after his wife was tragically killed in a car accident on Pompton Avenue.I mean, as if what you look like has any bearing on the quality of person you are.We live in a horribly judgmental society, particularly in the visual sense, and you never really know if something will be celebrated because it's subversive to the societal "norm", or denigrated.

I mean what guy could even date one of them--there's only so much time you can keep something stuffed in it's mouth to shut it up. ((Michelle) you have to add one movie too) (she wants a movie, now we have to get electricity to that damn island) Let's would have to be "The Thinker's Way" by a Ph. It may be a little heady for some people's tastes, but if you stick with it and really give it a chance, I think everyone has something to gain from it. The disk would probably be Social Distortion's "White Light, White Heat, White Trash". I run about five miles a day, and I can't survive without this CD. The movie would have to be "The Indian Runner", directed by Sean Penn. Kathrine Narducci plays the character of Charmaine Bucco and Sharon Angela, plays the character of Rosalie Aprile, on The Sopranos.

Is there a lot of background preparation needed for this type of work, or do you just walk in and do it?

Yeah, I do tons of voice-overs--it's a whole different bag. I think being trained musically gave me a bit of an ear for it.

I think the best thing to do is beat people at their own game, if you know what I mean. You are trained vocal performer in Opera as well as Rock, do you find the two styles a difficult transition?

I loved Opera, but the rules were too stringent for me.

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