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I’d recommend taking a younger sister/cousin/friend between about 6-12.

On the night of the concert, Lola and Ella take a train to New York City, but Lola loses the money for the tickets, and her plan to sneak into the concert does not work.

After Lola’s father arrives, and they explain what happened, Stu gratefully takes them all back to the party, where Ella forgives Lola for lying, and the two girls see Carla, who sees them, as well, and looks upset.

Lola talks with Stu about his work, but is disappointed to discover that he is a drunk.

Lola and Ella finally give up and walk through the city to Stu’s after-show party.

When they get there, Stu stumbles drunkenly out of the building and passes out in an alley.

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