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The Agnihotri siblings are now married to people they met at their own mixers, Abhishek with “a convent-educated MBA graduate working in a large organisation,” and Varsha with a man who quit his corporate job to become a music composer. We have seen 52 marriages in five years,” Agnihotri said.

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“We don’t want those people joining this group who don’t naturally belong here because we have our events at high-end clubs and venues…

Ninety nine percent of my male friends have been unsuccessful on Tinder.” It was hard, he said, for someone relatively new to Delhi such as himself to “find people on a similar wavelength” and exclusive singles’ networks could be a way to bridge the gap.

“I think the wonderful set of people sitting in that room, irrespective of sex, all just want the same thing,” said Shruti Sharma about an event at Floh at which men and women shared their experiences and expectations of love.

Nevertheless, attending the events has restored her faith “in the fact that there are some wonderful people out there—I just haven’t met my wonderful person yet.” The men have a different perspective on the matter.

A 28-year-old lawyer with the Supreme Court who attended A World Alike’s masquerade ball, told me later over the phone that the reason men were hesitant to make the first move in social settings such a bar was because they felt “a lack of invitation.” Things could have been more open on a platform such as the popular dating app Tinder, but in his experience, “girls use it as a game to express whether they like your looks or not, and not as it should be used.

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