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Her one movie in 1971 was Secreto de Confesion (Confession Secret).1972 proved to be a relatively easy year for Pasquel, whose fame had already spread to the rest of Latin America and among Hispanics in the United States.She participated in only one movie and no soap operas.Her movie that year was named Cinco Mil Dolares de Recompensa (Five Thousand Dollars Reward).Pasquel acted in that production's 1991 sequel, Alcanzar una estrella II, where she acted alongside Capetillo, Sasha Sokol and a budding Puerto Rican star named Ricky Martin. In 1996, she participated in Para Toda la Vida (Forever), which was another telenovela.

Pasquel did two soap operas in 1974, each of which proved to be important in her career: in Ha LLegado una Intrusa (An Intruder has Arrived, remade during the 1990s as La Usurpadora), she played two roles in the same drama for the first time in her career, acting as twins "Veronina and Hilda Moreno".In 1969, she took part in a movie about wrestling, starring alongside Santo and his wrestling enemy, Blue Demon, in Santo Contra Blue Demon en la Atlantida (Santo versus Blue Demon at the Atlantida).She also appeared in two other films in 1969, Una Mujer Honesta (An Honest Woman) and La Casa del Farol Rojo (The Redlight House).That movie was made in 1968, the year in which Pasquel became very famous in Mexico.She followed her first film with her telenovela debut, in Los Inconformes (The Nonconformists).

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