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I think I've met a scammer too, although he got nothing from me.Currently in Turkey, and due to the ISIS attacks these few days, his equipments was damaged.I doubt I’ll hear from him again but will happily join in the effort to stop these predators from this abhorrent behavior.Has anyone been approached by an oil rig engineer looking to start a relationship through asking you to play a game in WWF and then starting a convo through the WWF app before asking for your phone number?This is suppose to be a safe place to share our stories and get input from others that have been victims.He approached the wrong girl – I’m terminally ill, partially paralyzed, never wanted children, can’t cook and don’t clean, don’t care for country or gospel music, and am not particularly religious.

Let's keep it safe for all and if any of us feel that there is a scammer on here and posting then please let the editor of this page know and By All Means Please Do Not Give Them This Site.

„Pomyślę o tym jutro…”…to ulubiona maksyma Scarlett O’Hary, dzięki której zdołała przetrwać – a z nią miliony czytelniczek na całym świecie – najcięższe próby, jakie zgotował jej los.

Bohaterowie z krwi i kości, wojna i wielka namiętność w scenerii gorącego amerykańskiego Południa Trzpiotka i rozpieszczona córka zamożnego plantatora bawełny.

One in particular responded with a comment that she was glad family was important to him.

But, they cross us off their lists and go on to the next one.

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    We have been together for almost 8 months now and Im still missing my ex, we saw each other because of work lately and it was really fun.