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I was scared to admit that I didn't know what disimpacting was, but their looks told me it wasn't pleasant.

To hide my ignorance, I asked what "tools" I'd need for the job.

At one of my previous institutions, an intern confidently decided that she did not need help removing a large-sized catheter from a big vein in a patient's chest.

(IVs and such "central lines" are removed before patients are discharged from the hospital, except in select cases.) Cavalierly, without noting that the patient was on blood thinners, she yanked out the line without proper precautions in place, precipitating a gusher of blood that transformed the patient's room into a sanguinous pond.

In my view, we provide greater supervision to our interns and residents in July and August, when the days are long, spirits are high, and the trainees are hungry to learn and hear feedback from the faculty.

The patient was rushed to the operating room and ultimately survived.

The retrospective on the case was that the intern was not properly supervised and made errors of both omission (not recognizing the patient's anticoagulated state) and commission (taking out the catheter without proper guidance).

I offer examples like this one to encourage my residents to follow procedural checklists to the point that safety is an ingrained behavior rather than solely an externalized concept.

I also want to remind them that judgement errors can happen to any of us.

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