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We don’t swipe each other on apps,” he says while pointing to a cheap smartphone in his hand.

Even though China-made affordable smartphones are making inroads among India’s poor people, dating apps such as Tinder remain the province of wealthier people because of the social stigma associated with dating and premarital sex.

For poor people, going on a date requires setting different expectations.

Money, where to go and what to do, coupled with a lack of privacy in a densely populated place make for rendezvous that are no less romantic, but decidedly different from what many young people around the world consider a “date.” Anuradha usually takes a bus to go to Kalindi Kunj Park or the ruins of the Tughlaqabad fort, both around four kilometres from her home, and that’s where she meets her boyfriend for dates.

She lives in one-room flat in the Jhuggi Jhopri colony – a settlement developed by the city government near the easternmost edge of Delhi for poor people as an alternative to illegal slums.

“I don’t really want any expensive gifts, or to go to big restaurants.

Tucked in the corners or behind the bushes are couples from different parts of the city; kissing or cozying up to each other under a shawl or a bedsheet.

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Arun believes it’s the man’s persistence to woo them that matters to most women.

Delhi has a per capita annual income of 300,000 rupees (,615) - the highest in the country and three times the national average.

But nearly half of the city’s population lives in slums without basic services and facilities like drinking water, garbage disposal or a proper drainage system.

I was also afraid that they would throw us out because we couldn’t speak English.” The biggest problem for such couples is a space to meet.

Between gossiping neighbours and disapproving family members, not to mention the ubiquitous “aunties,” (middle-aged women) dating can require one immediate commitment: taking the time to go somewhere far from where you live. Buddha Jayanti Park, Lodhi Gardens, Deer Park, Millennium Indraprastha Park, the Garden of Five Senses and Kalindi Kunj Park are some of the most popular “lovers’ parks”.

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