Dating security clearance tainted trixter or daniel j munt dating

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I have made choices in life that have me sitting with a clean record.I wouldn't put my girls around it just to be with a man. This isn't about me desperately finding a man to fit my world, the question is about how I fairly report what is a deal-breaker and still, hopefully avoid the flamers who send to my inbox.It really isn't that big of a deal if you lived a normal life and made normal mistakes. Why do I have to lower my personal values and devalue my life choices and my job in order to make a man comfortable?

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I know DOD top security who can't pass Homeland Security. If there are dealbreakers, you must put them out there as soon as possible. You cannot get around this, or hide it; what choice do you have but to be upfront about it.

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Homeland security is taking many months just so that I can start typing and filing for them. Now, realistically, what would be the point of a security clearance if the background check stopped at the person and did not take notice of their close associates/family and household members?

I'll just take this top secret file home for reading while my SO, who is a known associate of terrorism, will promise to avert his eyes whenever the file is open. My point of saying some who pass DOD can't pass DHS was to say that some people who think they can pass, can't, but the reverse is also true.

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