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Ehren M Ehly was the pseudonym of Egyptian-American author Moreen Le Fleming Ehly.She was born in Heliopolis, Cairo in 1929, spent part of her youth in London, but then moved back to Heliopolis, where she attended St Clare’s College (it still exists).This poster doesn’t include the date, but it was 6–13 February 1910.In other words, just seven years after the historic Wright Brothers flight that marked the birth of powered aviation.Mechanical mishaps and crashes – one pilot crashed four times – kept other aircraft grounded but at least there were no deaths (death being a common occupational hazard for early aviators). As for the poster, it was painted by French artist Marguerite Montaut, who was the wife of a famous French automobile illustrator Ernest Montaut.She specialised in aviation subjects, which she sometimes painted under the pseudonym Gamy, an anagram of her nickname Magy.

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The latest online catalogue pinged into my inbox yesterday and one of the items in a forthcoming 25 February sale caught my eye ().

They were later reunited in London, where Ehly was working at the venerable Flemings Hotel on Half Moon Street.

They married in London in December 1952 but, according to the obituary, encountered bureaucratic problems getting Ehly into the United States.

The story goes that the way was smoothed with the help of Ralph Edwards, host of TV gameshow , who invited Robert onto the programme to judge a beauty contest and had Ehly surprise him by popping out of an oversized milk carton.

The couple settled in the US and lived for a brief time in Louisiana before settling in California.

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