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The unfortunate discovery will not stop Elvira in her mission of finding him.“The Chosen Ones” (Las Elegidas) Friday, May 20 at PM Mexico 2015, 105 MIN Sofia, 14 years old, is in love with Ulises.Elvira, a 40-year-old mother of two, begins a relentless search for the love of her life.Clues lead her to the conclusion that her husband has kept a secret relationship.Ambrose must figure out how to smuggle “Howie” across the border and find him a new home.“In Your Eyes” (A los Ojos) Friday, May 20 at PM and Saturday, May 21 at PM Mexico 2015, 96 MIN Monica is a social worker from Mexico City, a single mother whose child is suffering from a degenerative illness of the eyes.With less than 2 weeks to cover over 200 kilometers aboard a ’76 pick-up truck, they will discover that painting at a speed of 1 km/hour will teach them about the lines between good and evil, laughter and despair, life and death.

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The 15-year artistic career of Zoé completes its growth-cycle and reaches full circle as the musicians arrive at the quintessential question all bands face: What’s next?At their ranch in Xico, in the state of Veracruz, they discover the body of the first husband of an Aparicio woman.This leads the Aparicios to search their past in an attempt to end the ancient curse, and finally face their present “Parallel Roads” (Rumbos Paralelos) Saturday, May 14 at PM Mexico 2016, (Film in Spanish, no English subtitles) Rumbos Paralelos (Parallel Roads) tells the emotional story of two young mothers whose lives change unexpectedly.Members of band Zoé will attend and perform a DJ set.This special event screening will take place at LA Plaza Cultura y Artes Theatre located at 501 N. Also this year marks the first time that films from a country outside of Mexico will be shown with special presentations of two films from Chile – “Sin Filtro” and “El Bosque de Karadima” OPENING NIGHT PREMIERE – FRIDAY, MAY 13 at PM Mexico 2015, 95 MIN Five men are hired to paint the yellow line of a road that will link two forgotten towns in Mexico.

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