Essential readings in human sexuality janet campbell

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We'll replay some of the most compelling personal journeys that made a real impact on Drew, interview a few authors we thought you might be interested in, talk about some current issues with some of Drew's buddies on an extended version of The Pub Crawl, play some Useless TV Trivia, and Drew will play you some incredible music from our LIVE on TDMS performers!

Our Words Thaw Prize contest for Victoria writers is open for entries!

The Holiday Hundreds deal is only available until December 31, and only in Canada. seems to embody what it means to be a poet and writer.

The image (1999), the combined efforts of Manitoba artists Aganetha Dyck (sculptor) and William Eakin (photographer) depicts a honeybee working on a line of poetry by Di Brandt. Dyck, well known for her work with honeybees, offers a provocative look at what emerges by introducing various objects into the hive and allowing the bees to build their honeycombs on them. Following the success of our 50 Issues Project, in which we highlighted select back issues in honour of the University of Victoria’s 50th anniversary, we decided to cast our gaze back, chronologically, over our complete backlist…to include (eventually!

Sometimes, it can seem repetitive, with one source's newsletter or list blending blandly into the next.

Sometimes, you can spend so much time perusing every available resource that your actual writing time is shortchanged." Read the rest of Erika Dreifus' Publishing Tip here.

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