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OFFICE-IS NEWCOMII cornei1 Main and Bullitt street , Bullitt ctred.

The Italian chieftain, however, it seems has not the sympathy of the "man of destiny," who rendered him such aid and comfort in his guerilla warfare during the Italian campaign.

Louis Napoleon is under the impression that Garibaldi is now in the employ of his faithful ally, England. Louis Napoleon is more than a match for English intrigues, and if Naples must have Sicily, it is Victor Emmanual and not Queen Victoria that will profit thereby.

This suspicion of his h strengthened by thc tone of lhe English jrcss, who atone justify this new enterprise. : That Garibaldi should have so much money, was a source of astonishment to ol! The mystery is now clear rbe champion vi' Italy, the commander of the burners, of the Alps, is buoyed up by British gold, and unless France interferes, we shall see Sicily, like the Ioriin Tides, claiming the protection of England, and getting just such protection as will render her' the property of Juhu Bull. A correspondent of the "London Daily News describes the departure of the expedition from Genoa, on the 5th of May, at midnight. Three steamers were lying in the oiling, to which they were conveyed iu detachments, from various points along a range of four or five miles of coast.

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A room iu which to do the grumbling the ckowleky is wanted. nm Hlie lives of Bound sod beiltby persons, at the very lowest -I'?

It will be the confessional of the house a thing the Protectants have always ached to have and sadly needed.

Only it will be a son of sc H'-con:'ession:ii, and self-exuimnulory, and self-explosive private closet.

From the Gulf of Spezzia, from Genoa and Leghorn, four armed vessels are said to have taken "their departure, filledwit U numbers and equipments, of which in the present state of our information, it would be rash to speak with much confidence.

Some say hundreds, some say thousands; some reports speak of muskets, others of cannon, artillery and amunition.

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