Invalidating session on browser close

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You can set a minimum idle time for sessions going to be flushed and the press “Expire sessions” to remove all sessions with an idle time up to your desired value.By default, the panagenda Green Light backend application has an idle time of 5 minutes.The panagenda Green Light main application is called “panagenda Green Light backend” running from path “/ramkin”.

One of the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities is Weak Authentication and Session Management.The important part of the manager to identify and handle long running sessions can be found under the caption “Applications”.This section of the manager shows you detailed information about all running applications on the Apache Tomcat server and how many active sessions are connected to a running application.A session is typically initiated by user authentication and is terminated when they logout (or otherwise terminate the session).The session associated with the user is identified through a “session token” that is originally generated by the server and is delivered to the browser as a cookie.

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