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The Special Duty Office actively recruits additional suitable members to replace retiring team members.

Retiring members of Omega-144 are to be administered a Class B Amnestic.

XII) chronicling an Egyptian military campaign into the Levant.

Records indicate that the Egyptian army was directed to leave unmolested a "temple cult" headquartered at a site conforming to descriptions of SCP-1844.

There is evidence that the existence of SCP-1844 has been known for an extensive period of time prior to the commencement of Foundation control over the site, and that some form of containment protocol (albeit more primitive and neither as rigorous nor as effective as that maintained by the Foundation) has been undertaken on a more or less continuous basis for at least thirty-six hundred years.

Partial documentation and containment log follows: Approx.

Item #: SCP-1844 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: At least twelve members of Task Force Omega-144 are to be stationed at Site-308 at all times, with no fewer than three members of the task force concurrently conducting their respective containment protocols within a deposited capsule at any given time.

The containment protocol is to be conducted as follows: Each capsule is to be constructed according to the specifications in Document 28.3. The dome of the capsule is to be composed of silver of millesimal fineness not less than 995 (recycled sacramental equipment preferred), and is to be parabolic in shape.

The vicinity of the pit is maintained as a secure location under the cover story that it was a military ordnance dumping ground and that unexploded ammunition presents a public danger.

I would have thought that you — a Jesuit priest, of all people — would be happy about how successful the improved protocol has been.

You seem to have forgotten what the "C" in "SCP" stands for.

The account refers to a Benedictine monastery and a Muslim madrassa that had been constructed next to the pit, and that a "wind of fire" erupted from the pit, destroying both buildings and preventing the monks and Muslim clerics from carrying out their normal containment activities for a period of several days, during which entities described as "demons" or "devils" are described as roaming freely.

It should be noted that Geoffrey is not believed to have visited the site, but compiled his account from second-hand sources.

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