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After the examination, you may be given a laxative or enema to wash the barium out of your system.You can resume a regular diet and take orally administered medications unless told otherwise by your doctor.All of the pipes would back up when an immovable material came through, creating a gigantic crisis that would threaten the health of all who lived in the city.Many of the devastating plagues and diseases that literally wiped out entire cities and communities arose from open sewers and improper waste disposal.A barium enema uses a special form of x-ray called fluoroscopy and a contrast material called barium or a water soluble iodinated contrast.Fluoroscopy makes it possible to see internal organs in motion.

If there was a pump failure or major blockage in the city’s sewer system, it's not be hard to imagine what could happen.

Air may also be injected through the tube to help the barium thoroughly coat the lining of the colon. The patient may be repositioned frequently in order to image the colon from several angles.

Once the x-ray images are completed, most of the barium will be emptied through the tube.

A barium enema is usually completed within 30 to 60 minutes.

What will I experience during and after the procedure?

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