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So that will cover up stumping up the pay-per-view fee for the bout whatever the result. It is California Love at first sight for San Diego stunner Jessica.

The blonde beauty describes herself as a model employee who focuses on her work ethic as much as she does keeping fit and healthy.

On her role in the biggest fight of the century, Kyra wrote: "Super honoured to be a ring card girl for this epic match. #swimwear #swimsuit #black #lace #bikini #model #goofy #photoshoot #wcw #Hump Day #wednesday #womencrushwednesday #vegas #vegasbaby #Las Vegas A post shared by Samantha Kumiko 🌸 (@samanthakumiko) on I wish I could cha cha with my 🐭 on her birthday!!! The @spyonvegas grand finale is tomorrow, so if you could head to the LINK in my bio & vote I would greatly appreciate it!

So grateful to be a part of such a big part of history! Then there is the #Mayweather Mc Gregor fight that my girls & I are carding.

News flash to all those who aren't well acquainted with the sport, most boxers are carrying some kind of injury into the fight.

Getting in the ring is such a thrill, especially after an exciting bout! Thanks again #coronaboxing #friasworks @friasworks @chiaramodel #wardkovalev2 #hboboxing @hboboxing @mandalaybay A post shared by “KK” (@kyrakeli) on 👸🏽1 week away!!!! Alsooooo I have no birthday plans yet and I am taking suggestions... With almost 25,000 Instagram followers and a number of years working in the sport, fans may recognise her already.

"I stayed up last night to watch the fight and it was everything I expected. ', I guess have never boxed or even watched a boxing bout in their lives, and their knowledge of the sport comes directly from sitting in their living rooms and watching the Rocky Saga.

Either that or they are letting their sentimental opinion of Pac cloud their better judgement. We don't look at a Da Vinci and say 'man that Mona Lisa is ugly' we say 'wow it's a Da Vnci' because that is what those 16,000 fans at the MGM saw last night, they saw Da Vinci painting the Mona Lisa.

Because he is - he's a man not afraid to take on a challenge, and he's not a coward that sits in the same weight class protecting his belts. Cowardly performance from someone who compared them self to Ali... "I think Floyd won easily and has always been better than Pacquiao, finally the debate is over, we can all move on and decide where Floyd ranks in the top five of all time boxers.

Do yourself a favor learn about boxing and then start writing stupid blogs. "I think it's disgraceful that the first thing Manny did was complain about his injury.

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