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I know you're probably watching the Super Bowl as this blog goes to print! I am know...nothing tops a great game of ASL..even the Super Bowl.So let's get into this week's AAR for ASL Scenario 126 Commando Schenke!!!As previously noted, this would be a very powerful force.They would also have 5 smoke making exponent, which would be put to good use throughout the battle.It may seem at times that I over due my attention to German units in my AAR's.This is primarily the result of so little available source material on the net.

and you have Jimmy John's and Tostidos with that great nacho dip!?! Looks like I'll be watching for the commercials again this year. Dan Best and I selected scenario, ASL Scenario 126 (designed by Jean-Luc Beschennec) Commando Schenke is one of those classic urban fights set on Board 1..very grail of all ASL maps. So this is one of the more balanced scenarios out there.

The Russians have a total of 67 Firepower for all squads and support weapons. That's a lot of offensive capability to draw upon and it's all needed, especially as the victory location building is completely fortified on every floor.

On the eve of Operation Barbarossa it would already be occupied by Soviet Forces.

So thanks in advance for any direction you can provide.

My force would consist of 11 x 4-4-7's, 3 x 5-2-7's led by an 8-1 and 9-0 Commissar with a MMG, 2 x LMG's and 13 concealment counters to go along with a fully fortified victory location.

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