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They represent the character of inlaid work that is displayed in many decorative pieces.

However, the example is not from Arabia but was made in France and is one of a pair of silver door panels, shown above on its side.

Compare the above dish with this which has a decorative pattern on it and an apparently eccentric geometrical layout.

The rim of the dish is broken into nine, slightly unequal, elements inside which there are six stylised flowers hanging from the central motif which, itself, has nine points in its centre, but ten outer petals.

But having said that, I believe it would be useful to begin this page with a note on the understanding we in the West have of Arabic or, perhaps more accurately, Islamic geometrical design as it is a wide field of study and there are many misconceptions about its origins, interpretation and character.

The patterns with which we are familiar are to be found within a variety of Islamic cultures, but are often considered to be common to areas of Arab conquest.

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