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Classmate Lisa was the prince, while best friend Alan was Cinderella (decked out in blonde afro wig, tube top, and platform shoes; this was 1974).

Our movie -- loosely based on the Rodgers & Hammerstein version broadcast annually back then -- was actually shown at a school assembly on the last day of class. I'm not a parent, but I totally get that, while many parents want to support a child's choice of other-gendered Halloween costumes -- or everyday clothing -- they also want to protect the child from the kind of abuse which boys (and probably some girls too) heap on kids they deem different, particularly when it comes to masculinity/femininity.

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Note that there is a reincarnated app with the same name, but alas, it is only a mediocre screensaver app awash in a sea of mediocre screensaver apps.

Tolerance is a word I hate: I tolerate long lines at the supermarket, not someone's essential self. Do you agree that the issue of boys dressing as girls (or girl characters) seems like a greater source of cultural anxiety than girls dressing as boys?

As far as a two-year-old boy who wants to be Dorothy, I'd say he has excellent taste in movies and dress him however makes him happy. Think how often women say they were a tomboy growing up; do you ever hear a (straight) man admit he was a sissy?

In closing, if you had a son who wanted to dress as a girl for Halloween -- or any other time -- would you... 2) let him dress as he chooses at home but encourage "gender normal" dress in public?

3) let him decide for himself and deal with the consequences: he's gonna live in the real world eventually anyway?

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