Speed dating for teachers

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This is exactly how meaningful CPD should be designed: to give everybody a voice and forum to be heard. He is an award winning teacher and an experienced school leader and as @Teacher Toolkit, curated this website you are now reading as one of the 'most influential blogs on education in the UK'.To give every member of staff, regardless of experience, the opportunity to share and discuss what works in the classroom with their peers. All that I ask, is that if you do click the image below to download the Powerpoint file, is that you click the link right here and spread the word. I hope that you find the speed-dating resource of value and of use in your own school. In 2015, he was nominated for '500 Most Influential People in the Britain' by The Sunday Times and one of the most influential in the field of education. He is a former Teaching Award nominee for 'Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School in London' and has also written 3 books on teaching.

Previously, in two other schools where I have led whole-school CPD, I have limited the creative options in training sessions for staff.Search Associates is one of several organisations currently holding educator job fairs worldwide.Over four days in London this week (Jan 21-24) principals from 165 schools will meet with around 650 prospective teacher candidates, approximately 50 per cent of whom will be hired.As staff arrived, the signed in and were pre-allocated a number on a sticky label.We played this popular song to get staff in the mood!

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