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The international job market will test more and more relationships in the years to come, so the information from the Cornell study is heartening.But the positive aspects of long-distance all seem to be based on how little couples see one another.

It’s one of the many reasons Americans are waiting longer to marry, according to research by Jeffrey Arnett, a professor of psychology at Clark University: men want a partnership with equals and therefore want women to pursue their own career goals. A recent Wall Street Journal article tells the tale of a couple that spent the better part of five years in a long distance relationship as they pursued their separate degrees and careers.

If we reach a point, like in Her, where we can be connected to our partner at all times through an earpiece like the one Theodore Twombly wears or — more realistically — through messaging and social media, the benefits of being apart may be lost.

Yes, demands at our respective work places keep us from emailing all day; but it’s easy to imagine that won’t always be the case as socializing online becomes easier to hide and young workers become more proficient at multi-tasking.

A joke becomes a fight because the tone of a text is misinterpreted.

Long silences after arguments can’t be broken by reaching across the table and holding the person’s hand.

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