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Noble has been performing stand-up since this decision, and appeared in his local comedy club at the age of 15, despite licensing laws that prohibited him working there and forced him to leave through the kitchen.Noble studied performing arts at Newcastle college, after he told his careers adviser at school he wanted to be a comedian.During his 'Things' tour, in Bristol on the 1sh March 2009, he claimed that before the paramedics would help him, he was forced to do his Stephen Hawking impression.

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Noble rose to mainstream popularity through making appearances on British and Australian television, particularly interviews and on celebrity quiz shows such as He has also released DVDs of several of his tours.Noble has not done any acting work on TV or radio, as he prefers stand-up for giving him the freedom to say what he wants without being influenced by a crew.He was Paul Merton's guest on Room 101, where he wanted to consign to history the likes of Craig David, cartoon animals who wear clothes, people who look like cats, clipboards and Christian rock, saying that his mind, "Tends to wander off the point slightly," and later added that, "he can open up too many tangents at once??it's a never-ending expanding spiral of possibilities." At which point, he forgot what he was talking about.

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